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Great Duluth Neighborhoods

Duluth's Most Popular Neighborhoods

Nestled in Minnesota’s northwoods, Duluth is a city rich with history, spectacular views, neverending recreational activities, and more. If you’re looking to make the move to the city for a new job, a new school, or any other reason, you’re probably wondering which neighborhood is right for you. There are some very different and unique neighborhoods, and it can be hard to choose. To help you with your decision, we’ve reviewed 12 of them.


Duluth’s Downtown neighborhood is where the action is. Home to a large number of Duluth’s office buildings, shops, restaurants, and bars, it’s where you’re sure to find people going places and doing things. If you want to live downtown, your options are primarily condos and apartments above or next to commercial space. There are, however, more housing options in adjacent neighborhoods within walking distance of downtown. If you’re looking to dine, you’ll find a mix of both small chain restaurants and local fare. You’ll find some restaurants and shops within the skywalk as well, which is especially nice during cold winter months.

Central Hillside

Just a block or two up the hill from Downtown lies this eclectic neighborhood. Primarily residential, Central Hillside is within walking distance of many Downtown shops and restaurants. A working-class neighborhood, affordable housing is not too difficult to find. Public transit bus lines run all over the neighborhood, connecting it to anywhere else in the city. Central Hillside offers some lovely views of Lake Superior, as well as some historic architecture.

Chester Park/UMD

The University of Minnesota - Duluth is in this neighborhood. The sprawling campus is alive with students during school months especially. It gets a little more relaxed in the summer, as those who live on campus head home. Primarily residential, you’ll find green lawns and pretty houses to rent or own. There are a couple small shops, cafes, pizza joints, and a grocery store or two in the area. A large park called Chester Bowl (for which the neighborhood is named) offers plenty of activities, from skiing and tubing in the winter to ball games, festivals, and free concerts in the summer. Chester Creek runs through the park and neighborhood on its way down the hill. There are some spectacular lake views in Chester Park, especially along Skyline Parkway.


One of Duluth’s largest neighborhoods, Kenwood borders Chester Park on one side and heads up over the hill. The south side is closer to the city and Chester Park, and includes the college of St. Scholastica. A mix of students and families live in that area. As you head farther up and over the hill, houses get a little bit sparser, and the population of students goes down. You’ll find some lovely pieces of real estate in Kenwood, along with some quaint shops and pretty churches. Schools are nearby and the crime rate is low, making the area great for raising kids.

East Hillside/Endion

These two adjacent neighborhoods run from the lake to a good ways up the hill. Primarily residential, they offer lots of city parks, a trail along Chester Creek, and plenty of the Lakewalk. There are a lot of families that call the area home, and it’s a popular place for college students to rent in. It’s a mix of both owned and rented homes and apartments. Down by the water, there are some unique bars and restaurants. The popular Fitger’s Brewery complex, which includes a couple great restaurants, a hotel, and unique shops, is in East Hillside. Both grade schools and colleges are a short bus ride away.

Piedmont Heights

A quiet neighborhood, Skyline Parkway weaves its way through Piedmont Heights, creating a border for the neighborhood. There are some very beautiful views here, and recreational activities are not far away. Hiking, biking, golf, disc golf, and cross-country ski trails are abundant in and around Piedmont Heights. There’s also a quiet assisted living facility, and a couple parks. You’ll find virtually any housing opportunity, from renting an apartment to buying a beautiful home.

Morgan Park

Heading out to West Duluth (which is actually south of downtown), you’ll find historic places and great scenery. In fact, Morgan Park was rated the number 5 in the Best Old House Neighborhoods 2009: The Midwest article by This Old House magazine. Almost on the edge of Duluth, Morgan Park sits on the shore of Lake Superior. Removed from the city yet a short drive away, it feels like a small community. Near parks and trails, there’s also a middle school and pretty churches. The lake is within walking or biking distance from anywhere in the community.


Centered around Denfeld High School, residents in this community are like family. A mix of both families and seniors, there are always friendly faces around. A middle-class neighborhood, there’s a mix of homes - small and new to old and large, and everything in between. Near Lake Superior, there are some nice views to be found in Denfeld, just as there are in almost every Duluth neighborhood. There are also some fantastic restaurants within driving distance, and a couple parks both in and near the neighborhood.

Lincoln Park

Just out of downtown lies this piece of West Duluth, a bustling community with lots of affordable housing. Food is important in this neighborhood, as you’ll find several cafes and restaurants with an old-timey mom-and-pop kind of feel. In fact, the Duluth Grill, which was recently featured on a Food Network television series, offers delicious diner-style food in Lincoln Park. The park for which the neighborhood was named provides a beautiful trail and recreational area for the community, and the Superior Hiking Trail also runs through the neighborhood. There are plenty of bars for those looking for a nightlife.

Congdon Park

Over in East Duluth (which is actually the northern side of the city), this smaller neighborhood sits on a beautiful piece of the Lake Superior shore. Perfect for families, there’s an elementary, middle, and high school all within the neighborhood. Houses range from middle to upper-class, and there are some amazing mansions along London Road on the lake shore, as well as historic mansions strewn throughout the neighborhood. In fact, the popular tourist attraction, Glensheen Mansion, is in Congdon Park. There’s a very pretty park, for which the area was named, running through the center, and the sprawling property of the Northland Country Club sits within neighborhood limits. Primarily residential, you’ll find children playing in nicely manicured yards throughout the neighborhood.

Lakeside/Lester Park

If you’re looking for a small-town feel within the city, you’ll love Lakeside. It’s full of beautiful park land, trails, streams, and more. Lovely houses sit on tree-lined streets, and people smile at one another on the sidewalks. The small bustling downtown in Lakeside is host to several neighborhood meeting places, including the New London Cafe (especially popular on weekend mornings), Sammy’s Pizza, a bakery, grocery store, and more. It’s a quiet town, and great for raising children, as schools are nearby and streets are safe. The popular Lakewalk runs along Superior Street through the community.

Canal Park/Park Point

On nice days, Canal Park is the place to be. Just over the freeway from Downtown, Duluthians and tourists fill the couple blocks to shop, dine, walk by the lake, and see ships pass through the canal and under the lift bridge. Hotels line the lake side of the land, which are extremely popular with tourists. A walk or drive across the lift bridge will bring you to the Park Point neighborhood, which lies on the strip of land that separates the lake from the harbor. As you can imagine, views here can be amazing. Home to one of the world’s longest freshwater beaches, the 8-mile stretch of Park Point is a destination for sunbathers and swimmers in the summer. However, to live on Park Point, you must keep in mind that you have to cross the lift bridge to get to any stores, hospitals, and restaurants, and ships coming in or going out can cause up to 20-minute delays. Also, winters can be harsh out on the Point. That said, there is a strong sense of community here, and people are friendly.

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