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February 2012 Van Operators of the Month Recogniton

We’re proud that three of our van operators have been recognized with Van Operator of the Month awards from UniGroup.   

Our February Continental Van Operator of the Month winner is Tom Bechtold. Tom runs for our Minnesota office. Tom has an outstanding United Raw score of 1. His Customer Satisfaction score is a solid 95.7 out of a possible 100. He has a perfect claims score of 0%!  Tom Bechtold uses his communication skills and his ability to be ’one of the family’  to his advantage in putting his customers at ease.  This Van Operator is simply one of the best we have ever worked with. We are glad that he is part of our family. Thanks  for an outstanding performance!!

David Meriwether, another van operator from our Minnesota office, is our Master Fleet Van Operator of the Month for February. David carries an incredible claims score of 0.23 and a great United Raw score of 1.  He has a Customer Satisfaction score of 95.7. David Meriwether has grown up in this industry with his father being a household goods mover and he worked in the branch as the Barrett local trainer.  David has learned how to treat the customers, how to manage his business and become a master at his skills as a mover over the years. David is certainly in contention to be a future van operator of the year.  Dave is driven to be the industries best and is not afraid of hard work.   Thank you David for doing a spectacular job!

Our February Special Products Van Operator of the Month winner is Kenneth Marrs. Kenneth runs for our Milwaukee, Wisconsin office. Kenneth has an terrific  United Raw score of 1. His Driver Points score is a solid 100 out of a possible 100.   Kenneth has an amazing SPR of 61,736 miles and an updating score of 100. Ken represents our commitment to being on time and professional every time!  Ken started in this business in 1979 moving household goods for Allied Van Lines.  Ken has worked in operations on and off through the years, but the freedom of the road has always drawn him back to the open highway.  Ken has a great saying that sums up his attitude: “One man’s bologna is another man’s steak.”  Thanks  for an dazzling performance!

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