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Job Well Done – A Van Operator Congratulates a Fellow Driver

Congratulations, Mike Anzolone, on your Suddath 2011 Continental Van Operator of the Year award. Well deserved.

I think Suddath and Barrett do a great job of recognizing good work in their van operators. I was fortunate enough to win the American Moving and Storage Association Lifetime Achievement Award for 2011. Barrett asked me if I’d consider letting them nominate me. I didn’t think much about it. I thought, sure, fine, try it and see what happens. Well, lo and behold, they told me I won. We went to Jacksonville, Florida for the convention last March and attended the awards ceremony. It’s an industry-wide award so I have no clue how much competition there was for it. We spent two or three days at the convention and had a nice time going to some good meetings, luncheons, and meeting interesting people. It was a pretty entertaining time.

I’ve been a van operator since the early 70s. I’m 61 and I still feel like I have as much energy as I used to and can work just as hard. I enjoy this work. It’s a treasure to meet people who are good to you. It seems like what you give, you generally get back. I enjoy giving people a quality move. I’ve always put out a 100% and considered every day a learning experience.

Rich R., Barrett

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