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Removing the Stress – Smooth Move for a Van Operator

December 9, 2011


Moving is very stressful for people. But if you can eliminate that stress right from the start, you’ll have a smoother move. People are more relaxed, the tension and second guessing are gone, and they’re ready to let you take all their worldly possessions.

Years ago, I moved the president of a national bank and his wife. I walked in the house and she was bawling her eyes out. She was upset because it was such a traumatic move. I shook her hand and held it and just let her know that I was going to take care of the move. By the time I got her settled down, she was ecstatic about the move. Since then, I’ve moved her and her family several times. When we moved them from Arizona to Minneapolis, she owned custom-made pieces designed for the Arizona home that had high, vaulted ceilings. When we got to Minneapolis and I saw the new house, I told her that her wall unit cabinet system couldn’t fit up the stairs. She said we had to try. Fortunately, their next door neighbor had hired the same builder my customer used and his crew was working that day. The contractor said, “I’ll have my guys come and help you.” They looked at the situation and one of the foremen said, “Let’s just pop out that window on the third floor, we’ll get our forklift, and get the pieces up to the third floor window.”

It’s fun to see your customer breathe a sigh of relief and show their trust in you when you can figure out a way to get the job done for them.

Pat M., Barrett

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