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I’ll be Home for Christmas, Somewhere – Holiday Cheer for a Van Operator

December 23, 2011

A few years ago, I had a move that was going to keep me in Los Angeles over Christmas. Barrett offered to fly me home and back so I could be with my family for Christmas day, but with the kind of schedule I was on, it was just too tight. Barrett called another driver, Mike, who lived in the LA area and asked him if he’d invite me over for Christmas dinner. I knew him a little bit and I thought it was nice of Barrett to do that so I agreed.

Mike’s son picked me up at 6:00 in the morning and when we got to the house, Mike was already cooking. It turns out he’s pretty well known for his cooking. He was cooking dinner for his parents and family as well as for his parent’s friends who lived in the same retirement community. We spent the day out in his backyard roasting turkeys, pheasants, and ducks. By the time we ate that night, we were pretty hungry and tired of looking at birds. It was a pretty intense day. He didn’t put me to work, though. I don’t think he wanted me to mess with his food.

I assumed I was going over there to spend the day and maybe watch a little football. We did that and so much more. He was such a generous guy, all around. They even insisted that I spend the night there. The whole experience was a lot of fun.

Rich R., Barrett

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