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Good Times Add Up – A Van Operator Shares Personal Life

September 23, 2011

When my twin sons were old enough, I took them with me on summer moves. If we had a layover someplace, I’d park my truck, rent a car, and we’d take a little trip of our own. My kids have seen Mt. Rushmore, they’ve been through DC , and have been to the Grand Canyon with me. It was a lot of fun.

I took my boys one at a time. We’d be gone 2-4 weeks, come home for a few days, and then I’d take the other one with me. It was kind of pot luck where you’d end up but back then, I was running coast to coast and with coast to coast you always had a fair amount of dead time between one coast and the other.

In this job, you do miss a lot of time with your kids while they’re growing up. But now my kids have pictures and say, “Hey dad, remember this, when we took that riverboat ride on the Mississippi in St. Louis?” Or, “This is when we went to the Grand Canyon.” When you do things like that with them it makes it a little easier.

A nice thing about my schedule is that I may be gone for three or four weeks, but when I get home, I’m taking eight, nine, ten days off. So, while I wasn’t home every night to see my boys before they went to bed, when I did get home, I’d be there for a good week, long enough to do things with my family 24 hours a day. That right there gives you the freedom to do some things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. At the end of the year, I figure I have just as much time off as the average guy with a regular job, maybe more.

Mike J.

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